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Christmas Stories


Some Fun for the Family


If you aren’t familiar with the game “Would You Rather?”, you might be wondering how do you play would you rather game? It’s a super simple game to play with kids, tweens, teens and adults. We have created a series of silly questions that simply ask…would you rather? 

The very first thing you have to do is print out the 

Christmas Would You Rather Questions for kids.

Then it’s time to get down to playing the game. Discussing what choice you make. Defending your decision. Some of the questions are pretty silly, so the decisions are sure to lead to lots of laughs. 


Visit Santa's Village

Visit for Elf Fun

The official radio station of Santa Claus, live from the North Pole.


One Click will give you some great

Printable Colouring Pages


and for the older kids too!!


Email Santa ( & more)


A family friendly program by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to track Santa December 24th around the world using military sensors and technology. The NORAD Tracks Santa website,, goes live each Dec. 1 with games, videos, information and more! Then we track Santa Dec. 24.


Santa Claus is really excited you've come to visit!

Santa Claus has the Village full of new fun this year for both kids and parents. Check your Naughty or Nice rating on the new Nice-O-Meter ™. Visit the new Toy Workshop to choose your personal Elf Buddy and see the most incredible Toy Making Machine yet. At Santa's House, see him playing basketball and having snowball fights on the The Santa Show. You can even listen to original Christmas songs and see a fully animated cartoon!


Play with the reindeer in the new Reindeer Barn. Play games in Elf School. Print your Honorary Elf Diplomas. Try funny holiday recipes. Send e-mail to Santa Claus. Follow Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. And much more.




You've Been Elf-ed! Start A Neighborhood Holiday Tradition

Have you been Elf-ed?

Sometime before Christmas, one neighbor starts the game, secretly leaving a basket of treats together with an Elf sign and Elf poem explaining how to play the game.

Ring the doorbell and run! It's the best part of You've Been Elf-ed!

In turn, each recipient is asked to post the sign to alert would-be Elves that they've been Elf-ed, and to pass the game along to two more friends or neighbors.

As the days pass, Elf signs pop up all over. Who's been Elf-ed? It's all part of the fun to see holiday cheer spread from door to door.

To start the game, we've made it easy with free printable Elf-ed poems and Elf signs.

(in this link)

Will you join the Christmas fun? Look out ... You've Been Elf-ed!


Santa Claus and Christmas at the North Pole

-visit with Santa, the Elves and Mrs. Claus, play games, read stories, check the Naughty & Nice List, Letters to Santa and more


Google's Santa Tracker

Explore, play and learn with Santa's Elves


Printable Song Sheets

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