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          ...just a small group of people who want to give a few smiles to some Seniors


The Grandparent Connection is a small, grass root group in Newmarket, Ontario formed in 2013 and we have been slowly growing ever since. Last Christmas we delivered small gifts and cards to residents at Newmarket Health Centre who had no families or visitors. We wanted to make sure they had some seasonal joy and to let them know that someone was thinking of them. We then began some school connections with senior residences and had a few local schools make cards and pictures for specific residences for special occasions. Next was the Greeting Program, where we collected signed Christmas and All Occasion cards which we then organized and delivered for distribution to these residences. We now have a drop box at the Newmarket Seniors' Meeting Place to collect these cards. As much as we wish there wasn't a need, the reality is,  there are definitely Seniors in our community who would love to be remembered. We are also advocates for Seniors and try to keep people aware of any news, concerns or government positions on Seniors issues as well as offering assistance in the search for long term care for any Senior.  There is so much that needs to be done to help this very vulnerable, yet often forgotten, section of our population.  We will do whatever we can do to bring light to some serious situations, possible solutions and ways to help. That's all we're trying to do right now but we have some big plans for the future......stay tuned!!! 

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**COVID19 has made this year very challenging for all involved in Senior Care so the best

we can do is to continue to support all of those on the FRONT LINE and let our Seniors know that we still care


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The Grandparent Connection

An Old Fashioned Christmas Craft Show