A favourite treat, of the holiday season, is to attend Christmas Craft Shows. They get us in the spirit of the season, we get ideas, and, of course, we pick up some amazing gifts for, notonly, the people on our lists but for ourselves too!!! Unfortunately, due to "these COVID times" we are unable to produce a show this year.  Still too many restrictions, on all sides.  Although we are all upset by this we are so happy that things are heading in the right direction and so we are planning something bigger and better for next.  It's going to be great.  In the meantime, you can still have fun on this website and check out all the Crafters listed here.  They are still working and still selling and still producing some amazing work that you can purchase for this holiday season. So, check it all out. You can purchase from one, or two or more, of our amazing local Crafters and Artisans, listen to some great Christmas tunes, try some tasty Christmas recipes, explore some festive decorating,  check out the Kids' Christmas Activities and even have some chances to win some great prizes.  
We can't wait to unveil our plans for 2022.  See you soon!!!


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Christmas Countdown

An Old Fashioned Christmas Craft Show

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